fo grANteD fo real

Written by: jackie thomas

How can an individual take another individual for granted,
Their thouhgts and means to me, are quite slanted.

Where in their minds that people have feelings as do they,
But what they think is right goes on day after day.

When confronted with "this" in the end that it is not right,
Then it becomes a unwanted fight.

Don't take any one for granted, because you've heard that "you may lose a diamond, when you are busy collecting stones",
...and before you know ALL of your family and friends are gone.

You are simply taking one's kindness for  their weakness,
You, my friend will not be Blessed.

Be mindful of others, in my opinion when it come to people in your life their is no valued judgement between a "diamond" and a "stone",
...I can't stress enough that you will look up and EVERYONE around will be gone.

Though it is possible take others for granted unknowingly,
But not if you realize it and you still let it BE.

DENIAL, one of the most annoying causes of commuication break down in relationships today,
I just wish that it did not have to be this way.

I will never leave you, becuase other things you have done for me,
But taking one for granted should not be.

I want to believe in my heart that you did not realize this was the case,
But I never thought YOU of ALL people would slap me in the face.