My Blame and Shame

Written by: jackie thomas

Allegations of Injury to a Child-Bodily Injury they say…
I am “no bill” to this day

Still suffering the aftermath of it all
…just as I said it all begin from one call

Child Protective Services heard what I had to say
Uhmm! Stating that “everything was going to be ok”

Nah! Not the case, I was arrested on the above charge I did not know why
All because my husband told a lie

This poor child was in the system when I married his father in 2004
When back in the system they did ignore

Somebody somewhere beat that poor child to death
Imagine how he really, really felt

Not being able to protect himself from it all
Again, I was accused just from one call

The child was not in the home during the alleged crime
Not even attending a school in our district at the time

CPS released the child to my husband’s mistress, how and why
He called her to go to the school at which point they both denied

Yep, they pinned this horrible crime on me and no other
Just so that they could plot to be together

I really hope that they are happy now and forever
I forgive them…stoop to their level? I will never!

GOD will protect that poor child since he can’t do it alone
…oh and his father who want for heavens sake admit he is wrong

Thank you heavenly father for guiding me through 
I must give credit where credit is due

I pray O Lord protect that child in his growing years
And please O Lord, remove all of his fears

Let him grow in peace Dear Lord
Spite everything his father done don’t let them grow apart

A life lesson I learned from in deed
Please O Lord, help that child with his every need

Remove all hate from heart, mind and soul
Let him (Tommy Daniels, Jr) grow up WHOLE             AMEN