Did they remove the magic wand

Written by: Seren Roberts

Who took the M out of magic
The A followed close behind
G didnt want to be left alone
I and  C says, please be kind

Can we not stick together
Why have we drifted away
Why aren't we enjoying christmas
Who said humbug to this festive  day

I know we have lost loved ones
Very close  to our heart
Did they remove the magic wand
Or did the retailers do their part

Commercial christmas it is now
That should be its new name
Gone is the feeling of a family show
Its a crying  shame
So as we sit down to eat lunch
Spare a thought for people with less
Especially the word Magic
Who wants to spread happiness

So come on smiles on  faces
Light the candles  say a prayer. 
Cos its christmas day
We have magic here