Cwistmas Dinner at the Fudds

Written by: Tim Ryerson

Hewwo and Mewwy Cwistmas dearwest Bugsy!
Season's gweetings to you Daffy D!
So gwad you fwew out this way
Bwess my bones, if it ain't Wosemite Sam!
(Pweeze weave your shotgun in the guest womb)
Good gwacious, it's my owed fwiend Porky!
Petunia! You wook absowootly wavishing
Come in and rewax; take a woad off your...

Anyway, the hog is woasting on the wotisser...
I mean the boid is bwowning in the ov...
Wabbit stew is simmerwing on the sto...
Uh, Bugs, Dere's cwunchy cawwots in the pantwee
Daffy, I beweave there's fwesh fwog in the fwidge
Porky, I frew out some weft-overs wast week
Wet me wun out back and check...
And Sammy, twy not to shoot out the wights...

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