Written by: Simone Cordery

My friend has gone, no good-byes
Living short, not long enough
Resting on an ocean wave
Not on earth where life was tough.

In my head, her smile I'll keep
Her dimples dot her face
Her ashes floating out to sea
Her peace another place.

A friend I loved, a friend forgiven
A clever special soul
Had pain too great, to long to take
for that it took its toll.

A deep and caring searching one
With long red wavy hair
A try hard and determined one
Of much she could not bare.

I want to bring my friend back
To young to sleep that long
I cannot bring my friend back
To fix that all went wrong.

To wake and look and see me
My buddy, pal and chum
To wake to see the best of all
To see her loving mum.

Simone Cordery