Trapped in the Night

Written by: Mark Russell

I am walking along this narrow road,
Looking for somewhere ghosts won’t go.
Soon blessings shall be wrapped in light,
For now I seem trapped in the night.

When I fall shall I hit the ground?
Will it matter if anyone’s around?
I see something within my sight,
Still I remain, trapped in the night.

While demons dance around the fire,
I’m really not sure what I desire.
Grab some wings and just take flight,
I do not belong trapped in the night.

The sun arises to bring forth the day.
Perhaps it will be different today.
When nothing can grow much like blight,
I need to escape being trapped in the night.

The stars and moon return once more,
What I feared, I no longer am sure.
I find I must fight with all my might,
I don’t have to stay trapped in the night.