My Soul Starts to Feed

Written by: Mark Russell

I sit down to write wondering what will be next,
There isn’t a script nor is it locked in some text.
I can try to do better than it was before,
As a window closes, it opens a door.

I try to view life from every direction,
When I get it wrong, I make the correction.
I have seen it crash down in the blink of an eye,
As I gather the pieces, I still wonder why?

Words are released like they were in a cage.
Rattle in my head and then appear on this page.
I keep on writing not knowing where it will go,
I feel this chill as the winter winds blow.

The words still rattle inside of their cage,
Understanding arises out of feelings of rage.
I seem to do better yet I have so far to go,
The more that I learn seems the less that I know.

I look all around yet I can’t find me,
Is there something in my eyes so I can’t see?
Emotions ebb and flow much like the tide,
I start to run, but there’s nowhere to hide.

I think perhaps I should learn to relax?
The world closes in, on the brink of collapse.
I can’t save it, so I choose myself,
I find myself tucked on the back of this shelf.

I know it’s not perfect but I‘ve seen enough,
I try to smile when the going gets rough.
I don’t get what I want yet find what I need,
Food for thought as my soul starts to feed.