Profiling Can Be the Best Way To Go

Written by: Elton Camp

Profiling Can Be the Best Way To Go

By Elton Camp

If a feeble, little old lady comes walking by
Is your reaction the same if a thug you spy?

If not, then it’s profiling in which you engaged
A practice that makes some become so enraged

But there are times it can make a whole lot of sense
Especially if against terrorists you’re making a defense

Airport security is an excellent example of such a time
The emphasis should on those likely to commit crime

Experience with terrorists causes us to know the type
To screen those more is no valid reason for any to gripe

To search a young kid from head to toe
Most certainly is not the correct way to go

A turbaned man muttering, “Allah be blessed”
Carefully check and if necessary then arrest

If he calls it “discrimination,” what do we care
Good sense can be far more important than fair