free cee i heard VIENNA dictate this to me

Written by: jeffry cohan


I want so much to love you
the way Shakespearean characters do
I want so much to provide peace you think you deserve
but too many things you do spark my every nerve 

I want so much to be able to give you all that you need
but then i'm confronted with the one I love's ample greed
I give and give and yet you name me a fake
but in actuality the thing you do best is to take

you'll tell me perfume and flowers don't matter
but you're not addressing the Mad Hatter
because i've seen your ire aflame when you don't get a scent or a bud
and to take and not give must be in your blood

I wish I could wish that you would wish to share
and dress you up with style and flair
but the game you play is one I cannot bear
actions and words that are unrighteous and unfair
  © 2012 copy write PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~