shades of gray


The world just stopped color today,
Watched it turn shades of gray.
A world void of color, I am color-blind,
fragmented memories ashes left behind.
A new name to a growing list, here than gone,
The world still turns, time marches on.
My heart torn loose from tissue and sinew,
Returning a gift, where melancholy grew.
Gore trickles through your callous finger tips,
blood chilling, like ticks on your cruel lips.
You squelched my loving heart blue,
To see if I'd fall apart, you know it's true.
My soul lay dormant the conscience sleeps,
Killing you softly for each tear that weeps.
Deliquescent emotions of molten glass,
Feelings ablaze heated with the past.
So intent on your cruel games,
Not caring how you fan the flames.
Some day soon there will be someone,
who will break you just for the fun.
Don't come back! I'll say, I told you so,
laughing, savoring as you're broken in two
But instead, I hold a head high and walk away,
Always felt partial to shades of gray.