Too Long Ago

Written by: robert johnson

The love song in my heart now echoes in the wind.
A sad romantic melody lamenting how I sinned.
The story's one that no one should or ever have to know.
Well anyway, it's ten lifetimes and much too long ago.

But if you'll listen, I'll sing a song.
How something so right can go so wrong.
You live your life waiting for the light.
Then the clouds roll in and it turns to night.

Salvation comes, kneels by your side.
Smiles, and fills your foolish pride.
You make mistakes with nothing to show.
It was your life, but too long ago.

You spend your days searching, trying to find a clue.
How someone who had everthing now can't even make do.
The choice you made has to be paid, to even up the score.
The game is done that no one won in the heart sunk fields of war.

She was an angel, I tarnished her wings.
Now her love in someone else's heart sings.
And  the love in mine is a dull dim glow.
For no one understands, too long ago.