Introspective time

Written by: Elly Wouterse

the picture of the past
the touch of a thought 
the perfume of a present
the sound of a symphony

could be
the mystification 
of a latent  memory

when the moment reveals
it’s time
you’ll  sense 
you’ll see
what’s to be divulged
this moment only 
for those being privileged 
and present

with its unique varnish 
strong colors 
loud noises
intense images
into  pictures of an exhibition
exclusively  behind closed doors
only for the happy few
wealthy enough
facing  unique perspectives
in expanded  revolutionary views

gained ground 
exploding in color
and sound 
exposing a new world
leaving a stairway
following a sign
choosing that  direction
feeling so  immensely meaningful
just fine

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012