Fire and Ice

Written by: Joyce Johnson

“Awaken girls, house is on fire.”
We woke to situation dire.
Mother was shaking us in fear
With our small brother standing near.

“We must get out, there is no time,
Not even in other clothes to climb.
I tell you, there is no time to lose.
You must run without your coat or shoes.”

Bewildered and frightened by the fire,
The flames were growing ever nigher,
We dashed into the winter night.
In pj’s we must have been a sight.

We knocked upon our neighbor’s door
In early morning around four.
By then the flames had grown so strong
We knew the roof would fall ere long.

We’d left belongings and bungalow
To scamper through the ice and snow,
To the residence across the street.
Until then we hadn’t felt our feet.

Warmth of the room brought on the pain,
Such as I hope I never feel again.
“They’re blistering,” our neighbor said.
I’ll put you in our big spare bed.”

Our teeth were chattering, we couldn’t talk.
With blistered feet we couldn’t walk.
By then our big brother had come
To take us into his small home.

Two weeks before we walked again
Though medicine had eased the pain.
We learned when fire or ice we choose
That in either case we’re apt to lose.

By: Joyce Johnson 12/4/12

For Fire and Ice contest