The New Earl of Sandwich - or what I learned on the web today

Written by: mike dailey

A New Earl of Sandwich

In a former men’s bathroom on the old Boston Common
You can now get a burger or noodles by Ramen
It was built in the 20s as a “men’s comfort station”
Used for 50 years and then deactivation
For the next 40 years it was all locked up tight
Filled with urinals and toilets and other delights
But the Earl of Sandwich that of Florida base
Said we’ll buy and refurbish as a great sandwich place
So they took out the urinals, the toilets, the sinks
And cleaned up the place so it no longer stinks
The interior’s now just a kitchen and prep
And the former old restroom has lost its bad rep
The building now looks as if back in its day
This once former restroom has come a long way
Now the good folks of Boston can all rest assured
That this dingy old bathroom’s no longer a turd