Fire and Ice

Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

                                             The fire in your eyes means war
                                         Can’t stop it because I feel your anger
                                           I am just here sitting at the corner  
                                        Hoping the heat I created will disappear
                                         When I approached you after an hour
                                      The coldness in your heart begins to pour
                                             It’s like a brick of ice in the arctic
                                          You stared at me like a blank space
                                      Where do I stand if you put me to blame?
                                        Have mercy on me and please change 
                                         So that we can live a life with peace
                                 No fighting, no coldness but a pure happiness
                                                     December 5, 20122
                                                      Maria Paz Samelo
                                 For Carol's Fire and Ice Free Poetry Contest
                                                      4th Place winner