Why are Question

Written by: Anuj Ghimire

when silence 
becomes to loud for you
and loneliness 
becomes crowd for you
there will be a fine 
line of clouds on 
the sky, 
there will be a 
line that will divide
the flowers from 
the thorns

when light will
be too dark for you
and sun will 
be just a spark for you
then that will be the time
the world will call you crazy
it will all be madness 
or sanity will look hazy 

or forget
I've never found difference 
between them
so will you
or you will not
it confusing 
so is life?
isn't it?
or is it?
Why is everything a question?
or are they really question?
why are answers
you might think 
why are answers 
isn't grammatically right 
my grammar must be wrong 
its not,
that is my question
"Why are answer"

I'm way above the clouds,
reaching for the sky,
where no one has ever been
have they ever seen?
what is the shape of the sky?
what is the shape shape?

why is there always a question?
a question for me
a question for all of you!
"Why are Question"