Recognizing the Obvious

Written by: Raja Nosherwan

Recognizing the Obvious.

Through our ash is the endeavor,
of the images on time's shelf,
can distinct the mind be never,
to recognize its weight, its self.
From this ash is laid our coming,
at scatter the origin sought,
from a speck is formed a summing,
to recognize, what we forgot.
You're the ones I still remember,
from all the fires I have addressed,
can flare up this dying ember,
to recognize its burning chest.
Such are the wars, we have started,
never is more than pride in wrath;
men are men when aren't dark hearted,
but with love recognize their path.
To the wise is all the knowing,
for heinous tricks they can discern;
wisdom comes, but not from showing,
when recognize your falls you learn.
While I greet this false impression,
of the skin, that chokes my breath;
is to stress, a deaf transgression,
is to recognize my life --a death.
R.N.Khan, © 2012