watching a rabid raccoon

Written by: andrew delapruch

stumbled upon a rabid raccoon
(posted on youtube)
recorded by some family
huddled inside their kitchen
looking out the sliding glass door
on a sunny afternoon &
could not make it through a minute &
thirty seconds,
the way the animal 
so beautiful
stood there twitching,
with its eyes drunken &
the idiots holding the camera
without knowing that the poor
thing had become
as the foam dripped from its
when it fell i
had to click out of the window
do something else,
get that ****ing image out of my
but it would not go---
i wondered just what carnage
had passed my own eyes,
what carnage, what horrors of
human doing,
could invade my very being &
leave me with less terror
than this poor animal
diseased & helpless---
had Nietzsche felt the same
when he got down on his
knees near the fallen horse &
wept like a child,
going mad?  
what unique images & feelings can
destroy each one of us,
leaving nothing but an eternal
burn inside,
making us wish that we never
stepped into the