Written by: Daniel Clark

I come from the darkness the night is my home,_Only sadness is my friend so i will likely die alone.__In this life i wander with no one by my side,_The night is my cloak in the darkness i hide.__I once had a sweetheart she was sweet and so kind,_Like a white rose in winter so very hard to find.__But one day she met a man that took her away,_O i could not make her happy no matter what i did or what i had to say.__Now before she left me she told me i was nothing but a troll,_She said she was sorry but i should go live in a hole.__Now i search out the darkness i wander in the night,_Oh i live in a cave with out any light.__Pain is my companion heartache i know._As cold as winter in a wind driven snow.__Now she is happy and i am cold to the bone,_I know i will never find another so i live all alone.__In darkness i wander all cold and alone,_No one loves a troll so i will never have a home.