Written by: Elizabeth Skiba

I lost myself for many years
I couldn’t find my way to  be
Without the light couldn’t go on
And only darkness was able to see

Until one day I cross my path
With a stranger from far away
He was gentle with golden heart
And knew exactly what to say

He was no lover for me at all
Only a stranger from far away
With simple words he show me how
To go and find forgotten way

The simple things I loved so much
That I forgot in my despair
Finally I found under the stars
And from that moment I wasn’t scared

Someone will pick up my fallen heart
And show me love I never knew
Someone will take me to paradise
Where there is place only for two

And he will own my heart and soul
With all I have  
WIth all I care
I will forget my life before
My emptiness and my despair