Written by: Vince Suzadail Jr.

I watched the Eagles win a Super Bowl
So I screamed break out the band
But then I found I was in Disney World
In a place called Fantasy Land
I got tickets for the next game
They were playing Arizona  at home
I thought they should beat Arizona
But they couldn't even beat the Cardinals from Rome
Then I asked the coach about quick counts
And how come a long count is never used
He said if the count is over three
The whole damn line gets confused
I lay out my game jersey on Sunday
After church I get myself dressed
I swear this game will be different
But after the National anthem I get depressed
They set a goal to finish sixth they said
It was a team decision
The coach didn't have the heart to tell them
There's only four teams in their division
The N F L  is fun to watch but
I've always been an Eagle Fan
I'm cheering for a team that can't
Count the scoops in raisin bran.

Frustration setting in as I watch so called "Pros".