Written by: S.Jagathsimhan Nair


After the heat and then the rains
As a cool quietude starts to reign
Bringing into fraught lives more glee
Comes the day of lights, Diwali

Time, on fireworks and feasts, to splurge
Love, joy and hope finding a surge
Nights turn light’s veritable sea
During the time of Diwali.

The oil bath ritual  helps restore
Nerves sore, bringing love and peace more
‘Good quells evil’ is what we see
As  the message of Diwali

Even those who’ve got to borrow
And the ones caught in mild sorrow
Whatever their private woes be
Joy to them too, come Diwali.

Written :02/Dec/12

Diwali is India's Festival of lights.
Form : Kyrielle (Quatrains with 8 or 10 syllbls, Rhyme Sch:aabB, ccbB, ddbB, eebB.)

Second place in Cyndi Macmillan's Season of lights contest( Dec 2012, judged on 7 jan 13)

For: Dr. Ram's 'Best of 2012'