One Way Ships - Part2

Written by: Terry O'Leary

Continued from Part 1
Hungary hounds harangue the highlands, howl at skies and desert islands... Below, unfettered carbon crows conceal the parting path she chose Lighthouse lamps and lanterns lolling... Mute abandoned fleets are calling... The shallow shadowed portholes vaunt dim traces of the past that haunt Curved magnetic curtained faces swap contorted brief embraces... Her fairy-tale like tattoo touch was serpentine but soft as such Coffee cups and spoons corroding... Mystic tea leaves, visions boding... A cabaret calls, standing bare, beneath a splintered footloose stair, vain vapors drape her vacant chair in One-Way Ships beyond repair Splattered days are dripping dreary... Shattered nights are wearing weary... Without her footfall at my side I steal away within to hide Fancies flame, persist to flaunt her... Wanton whispers hiss I want her... Hyenas, haggard, held at bay, still gnaw on bones of yesterday Graveled graveyards grey and ghastly... Apparitions pacing past me... The answers to my whys and sighs have veiled her limpid pale blue eyes Lurid figments storm the valleys snatch the helms of spectral galleys... The coughing phantoms at the wheel, they make it all seem so unreal... Rebounding cracks of thunder peal, shake One-Way Ships while seagull’s squeal Yesterdays unsung, unspoken, bygone paths fold draped and broken... The weary winds of winter cling to voiceless nightingales and sting Desert blossoms growing colder... Drifting sand dunes pause, enfold her... An arctic kiss and blush revealed forbidden pipe dreams flung afield Weeping willows' wilting snow drops drip on tips of tiny toe tops... Their opal fires bleed and fade while suns explode in icy jade Jagged hours hangin’ heavy... Footsteps pace the barren levee... While pros and cons and kings debate, acclaim and blame and fame equate the ruin’s remnants left to fate with One-Way Ships that fail to wait Blazing blades of love surrender... Memories and thoughts transcend her... The Persian gazer’s crystal shows I’ve truly lost my ruby rose Buried deep in evening’s embers dust forgets what flesh remembers... The bitter taste of farewell’s haste has laid the virgin skies to waste Ruffled ravaged ravens ranting... Churlish ancient churchmen chanting resounding what she told me true “There’s nothing more that you can do” Trial adjourned by judge and jury... Freed, she flees, absolved of worry... Remaining runes and relics burn to feed the ashes of the urn... Six seers, wiser, soon discern the One-Way Ships of no return