free cee CAN YOU belivie it, yet another tutorial on how to right relevent poetry

Written by: jeffry cohan


The darkness hasn’t devoured daylight as yet
But the dark is due too soon
Even in a chill the night makes me sweat
And oh too soon the moon

Shadows become shade until nary a thing is seen
Blinded by the nighttime’s stare
To me the darkness is mean, to most it’s pristine
But to me the dark is difficult to bear

I need someone to shake me awake
Someone to accept me into her womb of wonder
I need someone to care for Christ’s sake
Someone akin to a bridge in the rain I can run under

Yet now I found a partner to lead me in the dark
A lady giving, forgiving and comforting to say the least
alas, now as the darkness turns daylight stark
I face yet another moon I claim a beast
© 2012 copyright PHREEPOETREE ….~free cee!~