free cee this is TOO real and deals with STUPH only a precious few of you deserve to read

Written by: jeffry cohan


Why don't you just face the truth about you
you're a god damned lush honey
and to be that big a drunk
it takes a whole lot of money

so what do to, oh what to do?
while trying to be discreet
oh dear, what to do?
Hey, with a body like yours go walk the street

what's that you're saying to me?
it seems to be something you want me to know
oh, now I understand you
you started selling your body years ago

well let's face it you lush with a figure that can kill
I don't care it you stroll the street but it ain't funny
you could advertise your self as the best lay in town
but you'll still need to come to me for more money
  © 2012..copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~