All That Simple

Written by: Mehnaz Veetil


A lamp flickered, 
flickered, a weak vermillion.
The old maid walked, 
walked a gait crocodilian.

Lamp flickered more,
dark room, no windows, 
she paced inches, sobre
lump limbed and in torn rags.

On the grumpy floor
Flies buzzed on in profuse,
greedy over an open sore
A blessed grub busy on the mousse.

The team o’er fed, 
fed happily on the oozing sore
on her forehead parched,
wiped her off the days of yore.

She unlatched, 
unlatched the squeaky door
like an insect she darted
An insect almost no more.

A wild light stabbed her face
the lamp flickered no more...
she closed her eyes,
And nothing forever more.

Stillness and silence,
And that was all, death,
Where all reach in resonance
And yes,  all that simple.