Daisy Head


Melancholy willow in dreamland deep, 
By the icy river counting woolen sheep.
Awaiting spring's awakening, 
The sounds of ice breaking.
Alarm clocks set to spring,
The chirp of birds as merrily they sing.
Rosebuds eager to burst, 
Warm rains quench the thirst.
The rainbow leaks its color down, 
To flowers in the dormant ground.
Crocus impatiently peeks,
 Stretching towards the warmth it seeks.
Upturned yellow faces, 
Aligned in furrowed spaces.
Tulips polished shine, 
With colors all divine.
Dissipate the lingering snow, 
Variegated hues aglow.
Squirrels poke the willow "Rise from your icy bed, 
Spring is finally here daisy head."