Bipolar Musings

Written by: Jade Celeste

I’m either really high up
Or really low down
Never just simply breathing

I’m either ecstatic
Or simply just tragic
Never quite really middling 

It’s either blazing light
Or inky dark night
Never a morning or evening

I’m either fully alive
Or I’m living dead
Never just simply existing

I’ve a mountain top life
Or one mired in the trench
Never level ground trekking

Burning with passion
Or freezing in hurt
Never just lukewarm caring

I’m either in love
Or sizzling with hate
I’m never really just flirting 

I’m Aphrodite one day
Then Medusa the next
Never just simply acting

You are either my friend
Or sworn enemy
Never just simply mingling

I’m either in heaven
Or tormented in hell
Never just purgatoring

I wish that my life
Were more even keeled
Cause this is just schizophrening

I’m either oddly insane
Or I’m sweetly inane
For a normal life I'm longing