What A Clot Am I

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

What A Clot Am I
I sit there just waiting, waiting my turn to move
You’ll never know where I’ll strike; I am on a mission, myself to prove
No one knows where I’ll strike, but Doppler* tries to find me
Especially if I decide to have a trip to your retina, so you can’t see
I can put a stop to you by moving, when I desire to do so.
My favorite trip is a twisting ride, then stop and deliver my blow
When I decide to stop it doesn’t matter if in youth or old age
Just watch me bowl people down, when I'm on the rampage
I travel where I will and I’ll bet you have now reached the conclusion
I am that bloody evil clot, known as a vascular occlusion

©~GG~ 3/12/2012

*Doppler (sonography a form of ultrasound)
Contest entry: Occlusion