Don't Make Me

Written by: Owen Yeates

Sell me a lie
Don’t make me cry
Say it’s not true
What they say about you

The truth you must not say
Or you may break me this day
Just tell me what I want to hear
Don’t make me face what I really fear

I will bury my head in the sand
I’ll make out that all is grand
They say that you cheated on me
Tell me this cannot be

For if you tell me this lie
Inside I won’t have to die
That’s preferable to me
Then the truth they want me to see

For in you I found love and trust
I know you can’t be lured by lust
Just say those words one two three
That you are in love with me

Tell me nothing happened at all
Please hear this heart felt call
You I don’t want to lose
Truth or lie you must choose

By the tears rolling down my cheek
You told me the truth I’m weak
You cheated but you can see
I beg you to stay with me

I’m smiling for you will stay
Never again will you stray
I hope that you don’t lie
For without you I know I’d die