Written by: Owen Yeates

When I was at school I was no good at English or Maths
Science and Biology I got lost down those paths
At Metal work and wood work I would prove to be a dud
Geography and History at them I was just no good

Technical drawing and Art were just a mystery
P.E. and Playtime were enjoyable to me
Home time was the time I really liked a lot
Homework was just something that had to be forgot

When I went to college to be a motor mechanic
That is when I really found out that I was thick
For being in college at night when I could be out
Seemed a proper waste of time of that I had no doubt

So I learned things the hard way, at the good old school of hard knocks
At least there were no short trouser our horrible grey socks
Yet I have grown up happy, without a skill at my command
Brought up my family, fed them with my own hand

So it goes to show, that all I learned in school
Not having any certificates did not make me a fool
I’ve taken the knocks in life and learned by my mistakes
When I retire at last from life, I’ll be real, not like those fakes