See The Man

Written by: Owen Yeates

See the man in the blue suit
See him take his gun and shoot
All the ducks lined in a row
Now he has a prize to go

See the man in tartan socks
See him throwing stones and rocks
Into water like a childish fool
Making ripples across the pool

See the man in the red tie
See him looking at the sky
Watching planes fly overhead
Glad that he is alive not dead

See the man in the green boots
See him digging weeds out by the roots
Into a wheel barrow than on the compost heap
What he sows surely he’ll reap

See me clad in clothes so grey
See me smiling everyday
See the colours all a round
See the joy that I have found

See all the above open your eyes
See all the above as the time flies
See the world and hold it near
There’s nowt a queer as folks I fear