Water: The Nature's gift

Written by: sahil mamtani

Water, water, and water 
The most purest sign of 
virtue,How wonderfully nature 
has indebted us with this gift, 
An offer that none can resist 
Oh water, water, water.  
Comes in all forms of states, 
Solid, liquid, and gas...
Packaged in all forms of life
That subtle taste that we cannot 
That deep fragrance that we 
cannot smell, 
As it falls onto your smooth skin 
and romances around your 
That reassurance in the body 
which rests the mind, 
That horrific depression if 
suppressed from, 
Energy replenished, mixed in all 
sorts, organic and inorganic... 
For if it were not for thy water, 
how could you fabrish the 
presence of life?