The Love Phenomenon of Eve's Tale

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Even the fate unable to tell, what mysteries which he had played
The existence of a human is not as different as a game of ladder snake
Where all aspects of life left by the dark while asleep
And the pawn of truth playing fool as an ego of the solitude

There is another life phenomenon that audible from the other mouth of an Eves

Loving a person that unworthy to be loved
Loving a person that unacceptable to be loved
Loving a person that didn't know what's the meaning of love
Only a blind and fool love which live and willingly stand for it
Is it worthy for you to stand for it?

This is not the first time I'm talking about love...
This lame joke makes me sick to laugh on it

The massive scam done by a naive towards to his lover
And someone is trying to stand atop some persuasions
If only it's a contradiction

The hypocrisy which has done, amused my nouse
When my multiple personalities are teasing me for a while
Unraveled the chamber among the antagonistic
Lived within one soul midst the mirrors of life...

Author's Note:
Written November 4, 2007
In the moment of my love quest :D