all the lost hours

Written by: andrew delapruch

the moment s/he lost his/her
faith, now tattooed on the
back of his/her hand in a 
& burnt on the back
of his/her mind, stands
for him/her as the most 
important moment of a 
life that in retrospect
had mostly been 
for in such a moment,
a flood of personal honesty
comes forth &
washes the face of all its
ability to lie through the
mirrored reflection &
this is when
all the lost hours
reveal themselves as the
catalyst for a life stolen
by religion,
a life raped of the best years,
a life sliced open & torn
of experiences that
one can never have, now
that they have grown older---
here, religion &
only religion, has taken
what it is to be human &
cast it out into the fire of
burning away what others
who have come upon a
rational way of living
much earlier---
blame it on the way said individual
had been raised,
blame it on the society surrounding
blame it on whatever one
thinks that they can,
but at the end of the day,
this one life that will come to an end
sooner than later,
has been hollowed out by
the most destructive virus of all
it continues to steal, rape & kill,