Written by: mike dailey

When I was just a little boy
And it was Christmas Eve
Like all the other kids I knew
I wanted to believe
That somewhere there’s a Santa
And somehow he knew me
And if I could just stay awake
He’s what I’d get to see
But try as I might
And you know I tried
By latter that night
I got all sleepy eyed
And I’d fall asleep
Before Santa would show
So although I believed
I just never did know

But time passes on
And now that I’m grown
And it’s Christmas time
And I’ve kids of my own
And they want to know
Is he real – Santa Claus?
I think back to my youth
And smiling, I pause
I tell them the stories
Of when I was young
Of my Christmas trees
And the songs that we sung
And of some of the gifts
That I once received
Tags saying “From Santa”
And how I believed
And how I got presents 
For just being good
How I tried to see Santa
But I never could
And the sleigh and the red suit
And how reindeer flew
How it felt to believe
Never knowing what’s true
Then they said that they heard
That Santa was me
I laughed and I smiled and said
How can that be
I don’t have a red suit, don’t have a red sleigh
I don’t have a white beard, so what does that say

I’m not saying I lied
Never said he was real
I just spoke from my heart
How I used to feel
Then I hugged them and whispered
As I turned out the light
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night