New Beginnings

Written by: Cierra Turks

My heart was once yours and now it's gone
Another door to my heart has opened
And now you're gone
But you and him still have keys to my heart.
I try to change the locks, but you both figured them out
This new door is all too familiar
I open it to see him.
The friend I've known for a year
Tears streaming down his beautiful chocolate skin
His red bulls cap nice, slender, and thin.
He walks into my heart and things begin to change.
The once dark empty place
Has lighten up by the smile on his face.
It has started again, but I'm afraid to let him, too
Knowing that one day this beautiful room will go back to pity.
The darkness, loneliness, and depression.
He makes me feel beautiful, funny, and amazing.
He swears there is no one else like me.
I love him, I truly do.
But he can't take the full place in my heart because it's my choice to choose.