Thugs life

Written by: Daragh Farahmand

Billy sold drugs,
started making money.
He held it in his hand,
like he never had it. he hadn't.
 Police pull the cuffs,
never given a chance.
Straight to cells with you.
His tears fell lile raim drops.
His past, the poverty.
witness to violence daily
Dad left, mom fiend for substance.
No lights, no heat, no love,
Only people there for him,
The criminals and drug dealers
listened to him, noticed him.
 Is it hit fault. Now deseaced in jail,
Or is it his moms fault, neither, 
It is the power and greed,
Give, give, give,
Push, push, push.
Wall street.
Still their heads up high.
Trying to make the most of his faith.
 ''those people'' throwing their dreams 
The word thug portrayed by the media as 
the scum of the earth,
Reality check. Thug definition,
Had nothing,
Became something.
Billy wants truce, but that will never 
Peace wont come,
until Billy gets a piece too.