Razor’s edge along silky pale skin,
Amorous mind haunted with wicked sin.
Aromatic scent, pungent intense,
Just a sip, against all common sense.

Scarlet beading pearls flows,
Supple essence of a tender rose.
Like petals dotting a satin sheet,
The fragrance deathly sweet.

The taste of blood overwhelms,
Drifting entre nous to other realms.
Dueling tongues warring enmesh,
Nomadic fingers caress goosed flesh.

Lover’s eyes impassioned light,
Erotic embers, radiantly bright.
Like a moth caught in duel flames,
Caught up in these dangerous games.

With a potent thrust entered ecstasy,
Both lost in the sensual fantasy.
Blessedly grasping for redemption,
Building towards the rapturous dimension.

As two unclaimed worlds collide,
Gratifying the yearning inside.
Slumber sweetly my weary lover, 
Twilight erotica still yet to uncover.