The Cross

Written by: cory long

There you sit upon the wall Where all your lessons hang Watching over all of us as we sing your name. Take our hands and guide our way Showing us how to balance our hopes and our faith. As we pray upon your memories and your strength Carrying your words of wisdom through our trials and tribulations In the morning when the sun arises Pray to your father to show you what you yearn He is the one who protects you during the night. And keeps you safe from the demons you fight. Never look back for those days have passed. Do not live in the future for it may never come. Live for the present and make it a glorious one. When you lose your way sit quietly and pray God will understand that everyone strays now and then. Even though you cannot see this man He is still there, sitting upon the wall Where the cross now hangs Reminding all of us of his courage and his strength. Jesus gave his life for us so we could be saved.