Fire and Ice

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I look out across the ice 
towards an igloo in the distance
It is like a diamond sparkling in the night
I see a fire burning within it's centre
Refracting light through the crystallized walls

I walk towards the light
There are dogs basking in the warm glow
I feel the crunching of my boots on the ice
My breaths heatless smoke escapes my body
I pray that this is not an oasis
A cruel trick my mind is playing on me

Moments ago I longed for sleep
I longed for relief from a sea of white ice
To sit by an open flame
There it lies beneath a sphere of ice
Will I be allowed to enter?
Will it's heat be released to me
One foot in front of the other
Inches away
Angel emerges from the ice home
I am a welcomed guest
Warmth love
Now I can sleep
Ice and fire both offer shelter

By:Richard Lamoureux

For Fire and Ice Poetry Contest