Long Distance Love Letter

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Long Distance Love Letter

Until the time is right my love, these words I send to you
I send them post haste, hoping to land with the morning dew
Take my kisses in and place them on your lips for me
Then you can return them warm, please hear my plea.

Kisses sent across the miles, catching the evening breeze
Weaving through the thermals, waiting for you to seize.
Still warm from your caress, I’ll hold them to my lips
Not to miss each other as the fated passing ships.

Anticipation, excitement, building all the while
Expectations not too high, that wouldn’t be my style
Fingers touching, lips brush, hearts race as one
The waiting nearly over, since my heart you won

Waves crashing, smoothing, to ripples on the shore
Leaving behind a feeling, a longing then for more.
I close my eyes and say goodnight until one day we meet 
Across the miles so far away you’ll still feel my own heart beat.

© 2/12/2012~GG~