The Echoes of Afar Distinct Soul

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

A friend cast to the land of a distinct
Frigid base, she said...
Lonesome embraced the yearn, mum likewise
Forfeit the identity, stumbled to the pivot of stir

A missed scraped of self-consciousness
The alert of all mistaken
Failed which taken about the half year of a time
Still another year kindly to visit

Await is the other chapter of her book which filled by the tears and sweats

Those eyes desiccated
Fagged had spun for the still
Tiring had mourned upon her fool
If only the existence able to teleport or be returned

Indeed I knew
Thou heart rooted within
Seeks the pedestal of berth and backrest for a lean
Fell into a soot of mother-earth and longing for the creatures which stood upon

Once thou reborn
Morphed into the maturer form
And when the time has come
Every single cells of glory threw pride upon sun

For the down valley beneath her soul taught the life lessons
Afar from a distinct revealed the pavement of her inner soul
Nevertheless frigid base undertaken the coral of her blizzard

 free-for-all Free Poetry Contest
Sponsor	Jim David