Promise Keeper

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

How can I comfort you
Words seem so inadequate 
My heart feels full of sadness beyond bursting 
Your heart stretched beyond recognition
This is a pain beyond imagination
Yet there is hope
You wake to a knowledge
This is not just a sad ending
Rather it is a triumph
Many have lived long protracted lives
They have seeked all manner of things
Still they have not arrived at the gates of heaven
Jordan's spirit like the river is wide and deep
He reached the gates and was ushered in
Angels rejoiced at his arrival
This is not a sad fairy tale
This is God's promise fully realized
What the World sees as loss God turns to gain
They see potential unrealized
We know differently
He is one who lived well
He is one who is now living better
His new dreams are beyond our limited imaginations
Listen carefully to his quiet voice
It travels on the wind
Let your heart be fully restored
He has not ended
His spirit and new body are eternal
Praise be to the Promise Keeper
In our Sadness we know His plans are perfect

Dedicated to my friend Pete, may your tears be converted to rejoicing, may 
your heart be fully restored in the knowledge of God's loving provision. 
Your Grandson's beautiful smile has been restored to him.