Aborted Savior

Written by: Gerald Nforche

T’was last night when Helen ran in weeping-
‘’ when will the savior be sent again? 
Or be we been abandoned to our follies?’’
‘’ma’am,’’said I to weeper, ‘’the church and governments,
Have brought abortion into legitimacy. 
‘’So, ‘’ I heaved to hearer, ‘’what don’t we say
God is not forgetful as unmerciful as you think. ‘’

‘’ Look at Greg’s daughter,’’ implored fearer to listener,
‘’Poor sweet Greg, who won’t hurt a fly,
Why such fate bestowed on him. And what about abortion?
What has it got in this?’’

‘’There are many prospects, ‘’ said helper to sister,
‘’what if Christ passed though this fate, abortion?
Aborted by an oblivious Mary in the making.
‘’God could have sent him the second time
But this century is more alien from the past.
Never should we blame God for our fate. ‘’