Girl In The Mirror

Written by: Summer Arthur

There's a girl in the mirror,
She's been crying her eyes out,
The road's been kinda rough
And she can't stop herself from
Looking back, wishing she could
Just go back in time, 
To when it was all good, all the
I love you's and you are mine's.

She's seen a lot of pain,
But this time's too much,
Questions spin out of control,
She knows the answers
But doesn't want to believe
That you were so different 
Than you seemed, doesn't she know
Fairy tales are tragic lies?

You held her close and
Whispered in her ear,
She believed everything but
You walked away in the end,
And you broke her,
She almost died from the pain,
But she's stronger than she thought,
She'll learn to smile once again.

She'll learn to fly,
Even on broken wings,
Healing takes time,
Like a third degree burn
It'll hurt so much but 
That hurt will fade and
All that will be left is a scar,
And she will shine like a shooting star.