Emotions Like Knots

Written by: Shaz Cheesman

Like a tangled mess, stubborn knots
Emotions like this exist in me a lot
I begin to untangle, starting with ease
Relaxed in the moment, some therapy

Then I get stuck here and there in spots
Following the string in its twisted path
Two steps forward then one step back
Testing how far I will stay on this track

Lots of twisted, turns and loops
Emotions swirling like hula hoops
It’s just a knot, that’s all it is
Why get worked up deep to my core

Emotions are just like a knot at times
Carrying them subconsciously all our life
Taking us on a roller coaster ride
To places we hide, places that are new

Maybe if I dealt with, understood my emotions
Then maybe my knots wouldn’t be so hard to undo!