Five Steps

Written by: HOLLY MOORE

I’ve been told there are five steps of grieving
Each one I walk for miles


Numbness is the first in the chain
And, shock is supposed to help ease the pain

You can pinch me, and I will not feel it
Number one is the pit I am in


Yearning and anger are around the corner
I do not see me in that state of being

Anger is something I do not feel 
How can I be mad at someone who was not well?


Despair, sadness, and withdrawal
The thunderstorms move in

I am stuck in one and three
Somewhere, deep, deep in me


Now, I am supposed to let positive emotions begin
Reorganize, more enlightened, although grief can still set in

The tears will lessen, my well will dry
They will not see me cry


Letting go and moving on! Is the last phase, I am told
My interests will return, sadness will lessen, behold...

But, how will this happen?
When I have one and three, still on my back to burn.

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012