Highlights of New Jersey

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Highlights of New Jersey" New Jersey is quaintly known as the Garden State for fun with sandy beaches kissed by ocean waves beneath golden Sun amusement parks and midway piers stream wooden boardwalk arcades offer magic machines with flashing lights that talk. boat rides on blue Atlantic coast and fishing by the bay surfing upon white capped waves as marble tourneys play shopping at the mini malls, stopping for frosty treat funnel cake or snow cones to alleviate the heat. racing monster wheels doing 'wheelies' in beige sand as lovers stroll the promanade in love while hand in hand bed and breakfast hideaways to feed the appetite miniature golf on hotel rooftops close to the Moon at night. Memories in Margate with The Geeter With the Heater* Convention Center marathons for dancers digging beaters casino trips for tourists and residents alike a visit to the Cape May Zoo or riding cool mountain bike. roadside stands selling vegetables and fruits plants and flowers beautiful from full grown or from roots the scenic drive through highways or back roads share greenview still munching on hot Curly's fries in circled crunchy chew. a seashore paradise and a Summertime resort with Christie at the helm with a positive report museums of great art and historical conquests a friendly atmosphere New Jersey loves to welcome guests. sports reign supreme, with many choices of teams to cheer fans follow scores from near and far in sports clubs drinking beer good education for all children schools excellently rated and seniors are protected in communities so gated. a native of the Garden State am proud to boast and say once you visit all the magic places to take your breath away even Hurricane Sandy could not dissuade the residents everyone joined in unison to assist with dire events. New Jersey towns will build again in love with this great State positive outlooks count so much .. even erases hate and when we lay our heads down at night to pray we thank God for His blessings in a very special way. *The Geeter With the Heater - Jerry Blavat, D.J. at Memories in Margate Club. *For Richard Tarr's New Jersey Contest.