One breathe in time

Written by: Deborah shepard

Endless loving pearl meadows , lost shrine
 Beyond The reaches souls door I shall follow, thine
 We are heirloom lovers lost in time
 Treasured moonlets are the soft centers of kiss
 Beautiful array of light enters our bodies in hypnotic mist
 Through each cascade of vesper eyes meeting, again like this
 Celeste heavenly sheen , silvery bows attend
 Shall each one be the first ? to lend
 Whilst thou bring me his true form?
 All feathered branches cascade my balcony, shines bright
Floral shadows as we are hidden in the twilight
 Take my hand, My gentle one, my loving soul, my azure light
 Shelter me against your body to keep warm, my shrine
 You hold me so close I feel each jasmine breath of thine
 I will sit neath all forever somewhere in time
Think one breathe in time ,two auars that shine
Think..breathe you are or the first time alive
Hand in hand we stroll Garnet time, tis mine